Remove unavoidable travel emissions. Capture CO₂ from air and turn it into stone.

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fight the climate crisis

For every human on earth, the travel industry emits on average 600kg of CO₂ per year. Climeworks' cutting-edge technology enables you and everyone you know to remove travel emissions that cannot be avoided and turn them into stone. Choose a subscription that best suits you and join the pioneers in fighting the climate crisis - for our planet.

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This gift gets your loved ones started on their journey to climate positivity by igniting the spark to preserve our planet. (Plus: you can buy it veeery last minute - and don't even have to wrap it!)

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How it works

The climate is changing - and it is already taking a measurable toll. Scientists say we need many carbon dioxide removal solutions working together to keep global warming to safe levels. Our breakthrough technology enables us to capture CO₂ from air and to store it underground in your name - safely and permanently.

The CO₂ is captured from air with Climeworks direct air capture technology. We then mix the CO₂ with water used by a geothermal energy plant and pump it deep underground. Through natural processes, the CO₂ reacts with the basaltic rock - and turns into stone within a few years where it stays permanently. Because it's an engineered process, we can precisely measure how much CO₂ has been removed from the air.

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Where it happens: Iceland
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