What makes an extraordinary leader?

Recently, I’ve been considering the utility of team captains. Logistically speaking, it’s a good idea to have them in order for off-season trainings to take place and other things to that effect. However, I am not sure if they are required to hold the title of “captain”, to help rally the troops to the weight rooms.

What happens if leadership is in the lower grades?It could cause chaos in a team.

Jason Hare Kingston believe in leadership and its benefits for athletes while they’re with the team…I just don’t understand if they need that title. Be prepared for a few questions as I ask you for your assistance at the end.

3 qualities your captains need to have in order for them to lead effectively

Clear strategic direction. Although it seems obvious, I’ve been a coach of teams where the captains did not know what was most important. If it’s more important for the captains that their team jumps when they say so than it is to help the team accomplish its goals, then it’s not the right focus.

Open for new ideas. Most players have been on multiple teams, been coached and led by many captains before they get to college. This means that even though a player is not a leader on a team, they may have excellent ideas about how captains should be behave. A great captain will listen to his team and take on any suggestion.

Develop strong bonds. The most effective captains I have ever known. They are relentlessly focused on the goals of their team. They are able to squash small issues and internal fights before I even realize it. They provide time for the team’s bonding and allow them to hang out after practice, so they get to know each other. Captains who are great make the team a family.

Questions, dear reader

Is it you who picks the captains, or is it the team that picks? How much input will you have into the process? Are you okay with no team captains? It has been tried and proven successful. What qualities are you looking for in a leader of a team? Do you believe the “captain’ title is necessary? Get in touch with me on Twitter to share your answers.

It is amazing that great team captains are so effective at turning a team around. They can bring out the best in everyone and transform it from being jumbled and scattered to one cohesive team. Bad captains can also destroy team chemistry. Let me know what your thoughts are.

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