Social Security benefits can change your life. That’s why knowing the laws, knowing what you are eligible for, knowing the time requirements, and knowing the costs are so important in order to successfully file.

If you have questions on any of these points, if not all, you need an experienced lawyer to help your case. Let’s go into more detail on this.

The Social Security Laws
If you suffer from a permanent disability or one expected to make it impossible to work for some time, you have a right to benefits. But you have to understand the laws in order to win your case. Many Social Security Disability cases are denied because of mistakes made, sometimes even if the disabled hires a lawyer. This is because without an experienced lawyer who specializes in Social Securities law it’s very hard to win benefits.

Disability Eligibility
You may be eligible, you may not be. Why you can’t work, proof you can’t work, and proof of the projected time of the disability – these are all important in determining eligibility. Your doctor will have a key role. The Social Security Administration often refer you to one of their doctors in order to go over your condition. If physical, the doctor will have to see the disability, likely obvious. If you suffer a mental disorder, you likely will be questioned. A lawyer is invaluable after this process, even if you are denied benefits. You can appeal if you’re denied.

The Time Investment
It can take months to even years before a final decision is made by the Social Security Administration. Sometimes you have to go directly to court in order to get help. This is where a lawyer is invaluable. He or she can make your case clear by proving disability, showing this is a long term condition, and that you deserve compensation. Often if you apply and are later accepted, you can get back pay from the time you were disabled. This can really add up, and often covers your lawyer fees.

How Much You Get, How Much you Pay
It varies on how much you get. You get more if you live alone, less if you are not paying rent. How much you get will be decided by your needs. But you will have full medical coverage, and get money every month. Depending on the time involved, a lawyer won’t always be cheap. Still, it’s the best investment you can make.

Get Help
Not sure you can afford a lawyer? Consider all the benefits of successfully getting Social Security Disability: likely a large check for back pay, monthly pay, medical coverage, and more help from professional doctors to help improve your condition. That’s worth far more than the fee an experienced lawyer charges.

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