Sucessful Stories of Trading


Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to start my own company. My dream was to own my own business when I was still working in the corporate sector. But I didn’t have the money or the right model to start my own business. I almost gave in many times. I was hopeful that I’d one day be able to climb the corporate ladder and deal with workplace politics for the rest my life.

But I kept at it. I always tell myself to stay the course. I learned from all my mistakes and began to search for opportunities elsewhere. My thinking evolved into something more unusual. I stopped following the herd. If 90% of people tell you to do A, I’d do B. Be a contrarian. That’s what the most successful and innovative people always do.

It is the same with Certus Trading Reviews. In the beginning I lost a lot, and I wanted so badly to give up, but I refused. George, my mentor as well as one of the greatest traders in the entire world, was there to help me. Like I mentioned, you need to compare yourself with the best and learn from them. To help me learn faster, I put in more effort and worked harder. I was determined, no matter what the cost, to succeed. I became a trader. I eventually achieved success.

Failing is something you should not be afraid of. I embrace failure because I know that each mistake is a step closer towards success. You see, no trader is perfect. My trades average about 70% wins so I have to accept my losses and learn from them. Remember that failures are the foundation of success.

Retrospectively, it was a wonderful experience being a self taught trader with its ups as well as downs. While it may have been a plus, I would not say it was an advantage. Because it is all about hard work and passion. It’s important to note that I was able, independently, to make mistakes quickly and to eliminate all the noise.

Self-learning is slow. When I felt like I was getting stuck, I turned to Google for help. George was my helper. George is my favorite. Unfortunately, he was gone a few decades ago. He was a great mentor but it was his whole team that helped me. Tom, Nick (and Christina), and Mitch (and all great traders) were there to help me.

It is an analogy to say that you have to find the best swimming coach if your goal is to become the best swimmer. You will need to join the most prestigious academy, such as Real Madrid or Barcelona, if you want to be a soccer star like Messi and Ronaldo. MIT may be the best option if engineers are your goals.

Based on my experience, self-teaching is a great starting point. There are many resources available online. To get to the next level I recommend that you find mentors who have done it before.

Although I have been a self-starter my whole life, I found George to be a great coach. He saved me probably four to five more years of my life when it comes down to becoming a successful trader.

Traders need to remember to live in the present moment and be aware of what is happening. You shouldn’t allow the past to influence your emotions and decision making. Instead, be present in the now.

It is best to use simple analogies to describe this. If you’re a fan of soccer like I am, you’ll agree that Messi (and Ronaldo) are two the greatest players in the game today. Yes, they also experience scoring droughts. They don’t score at least three goals each game. They won’t score a goal for weeks. Are they ready to give up? Absolutely not. Does that mean they have to change how they play? No. They are 100% certain that they have the skills to succeed, and they work hard to achieve their goals.

Steph Curry of Golden State Warriors is another excellent example. He is undoubtedly the best 3-point shooter in NBA History. But he has experienced poor shooting. Although he is an average 3-point shooter at 45%, he has been known to shoot 25%, 30% and 35% during times when he was not shooting well.

So what does Steph do now? He simply kept shooting the same way. He shot the same way. He doesn’t attempt to change the shooting style, the jumps, the position he holds the ball, etc. He did his best. He maintains the same technique and focuses only on the moment. He doesn’t focus on the last three shots he missed. Instead, he visualizes the next 10 shots he will take.

My trade strategies give me an edge. Even when I lose trades, my strategy never lets fear or emotion get in the way. I simply keep moving forward, executing every play without hesitation. I try to focus on the next ten trades and not my recent three losses. It is important to not dwell on the past, whether you are a trader, an entrepreneur, or as a person. It is important to believe in ourselves. Knowing that we can do anything because we have done the same thing repeatedly, gives you the confidence to grab the moment and make it happen.

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