Keys To Being A Successful Entrepeneur

I have heard many theories over the years about what makes entrepreneurs successful. Are they able to sense the sixth sense, which is something that many others don’t have? Is this a genetic trait or are they wired for success. For a better understanding of the question, I’d like to share a bit of my life. Since my childhood, I have been surrounded and inspired by entrepreneurs. My father and uncle founded a successful home renovation company more than 25 years ago. This business is still going strong today. My brother established one of most successful auto service companies in the industry. My close friends run successful businesses. What is the driving force behind all of these people and me? What makes entrepreneurs different than everyone else?

Entrepreneurship is not about having the best market or the greatest intellect. It doesn’t depend on your degree or education. Others will tell you successful people are either lucky or had an advantage in their lives. Entrepreneurs must persevere because if they stop, they won’t have enough food or money to pay the bills. A successful entrepreneur is not about these rational beliefs. To be a successful Bardya Ziaian, you must have passion for the business that you are interested in. The belief that nothing can stop the realization of your dreams is essential.

I am currently working with an entrepreneur to start a men’s salon. This salon was the first in Ontario and it has received rave reviews. He has faced many challenges over the past three year to create his vision. Now, his business is ready for the next stage of development. Interesting is the fact that he doesn’t have a business degree and has never operated a multimillion dollar company. He began his career in barbershop and has learned much along the way. The most important thing is that he saw what he wanted for others. There was an inner feeling that he knew he needed to bring to life.

It can be hard to pursue your passions. Many of us believe we are not the best at what is important and struggle to find the perfect way to begin. Entrepreneurs must realize that there is never an ideal way to succeed. This is the biggest lesson they have learned. They have the advantage of knowing that failure isn’t the barrier. The barrier is not being capable of recovering from failing. They dig deep when things get hard and the pressure gets high. To the core of their purpose, they must return. You can find the deepest reason they are on your path. They are doing what their heart is calling them to.

This unstoppable force keeps them moving beyond rational understandings or processes. This ability is already within every person, waiting to be unleashed. It could be a sign that you are capable of doing more or that you have another way to live in the world. You can always tap into deeper potential, no matter where you’re at in your business or life. Only need to ask.

True success cannot be a gamble or a game. People around you will always doubt their capabilities and potential. They lack the ability and understanding to make long-lasting changes. The key to success is a shift in mindset and orientation.


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